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INTRODUCTION. Cholesteryl esters (CEs) are lengthy molecules where a long fatty acyl chain is attached to the OH group of cholesterol. Practically, cholesteryl ester is the extracellular transport and intracellular storage form of cholesterol, containing mainly linoleate and oleate fatty acids in these functions, respectively ().

It derives from an oleic acid. Cholesteryl oleate was used to study the ability of silicone hydrogel contact lenses to absorb tear lipids, cholesterol and cholesterol esters. It was also used in the development of amperometric cholesterol biosensors. Packaging 1 g in serum bottle 100, 250, 500 mg in serum bottle Biochem/physiol Actions Cholesteryl oleate. Molecular Formula C 45 H 78 O 2; Average mass 651.100 Da; Monoisotopic mass 650.600159 Da; ChemSpider ID 4446726 Cholesteryl oleate technical grade Synonym: 3β-Hydroxy-5-cholestene 3-oleate, 5-Cholesten-3β-ol 3-oleate, Cholesteryl cis-9-octadecenoate, Oleic acid cholesteryl ester CAS Number 303-43-5. Empirical Formula (Hill Notation) C 45 H 78 O 2. Molecular Weight 651.10 .

Cholesteryl oleate

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Uppmjukande. CHOLESTERYL OLEATE. 303-43-5. 206-142-1.

Cholesteryl Oleate [Cholesteryl-1,2 -3H(N)]- (30-60 Ci/mmol), 250 µCi quantities of [Cholesteryl-1,2 - 3 H(N)]- Cholesteryl Oleate are available for your research. Application of [3 H] Cholesteryl Oleate can be found in: metabolism comparisons of labeled lipoproteins in rat in atherosclerosis, labeling and transfer among human/nonhuman primate plasma lipoproteins in analytical biochemistry Chemsrc provides Cholesteryl oleate(CAS#:303-43-5) MSDS, density, melting point, boiling point, structure, formula, molecular weight etc.

Cholesteryl Oleate is a product in category Cholesterols. Buy online from Larodan Research Grade Lipids

LDL cholesteryl oleate as a predictor for atherosclerosis: evidence from human and animal studies on dietary fat. Degirolamo C(1), Shelness GS, Rudel LL. Author information: (1)Department of Pathology, Section on Lipid Sciences, Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem NC 27157, USA. Cholesteryl Oleate [Cholesteryl-1,2 -3H(N)]- (30-60 Ci/mmol), 250 µCi quantities of [Cholesteryl-1,2 - 3 H(N)]- Cholesteryl Oleate are available for your research.

Cholesteryl oleate

PEG-4 oleate, PEG-100 stearate, dimethicone, carnauba wax, mango seed butter, polyacrylate-13, cetearyl glucoside, sodium polyacrylic Late, cholesteryl 

Cholesteryl oleate

1,2 It has been used in the generation of nanoparticles and liposomes for drug delivery. WARNING This product is not for human or veterinary use.

Cholesteryl oleate

813-201-1405. Forte Ben oleate. Cholesteryl Personeriadistritaldesantamarta. 662-798-4092.
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Cholesteryl oleate

We do not sell to patients. It was found that the uptake of both cholesteryl oleate and paclitaxel oleate by the tumor was greater than that of the normal tissues. The (mean) tumor uptake/normal tissue uptake ratio of cholesteryl oleate was very similar to that of paclitaxel oleate (3.5 ± 1.7 and 3.6 ± 2.1, P = 0.936) [808].

For research use only.
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Molbase found 1 Cholesterol Oleate product information for you, including Cholesterol Oleate formula, Cholesterol Oleate CAS number, Cholesterol Oleate   Cholesteryl Oleate DSC Traces. 81. 2. fatty acid ester of cholesterol - stearate, oleate, or entropy of transition in the order linoleate > oleate > stearate.